An old soul in a young body and a crazy mind! The honest and powerful voice who scats on folk and jigs on blues.”

— Nicole Lefebvre


A fiercely talented lead guitarist who wields soulful, raw songs, Caroline Allatt is a blues riffing, rock scatting, 60’s folk-inspired, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Growing up on Stevie Ray Vaughan and Janis Joplin, she played in her family band, getting exposure to all the classics – The Beatles to Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeshi to Tracy Chapman. Now a solo performer in her own right, her hook-laden sound can be likened to Rachel Price (Lake Street Dive) and Lisa LeBlanc, brandishing a guitar and laughing in the face of life’s melancholy. 

From the snowy winters of her hometown to the big-city draw of Montreal, by 21, Caroline had already completed one EP, and awarded artist grant Jeune Volontaire to record her debut at Production Guitare Verte with manager Nicole Lefebvre and producer/arranger/instrumentalist Eric Bernard, not to mention the support of renowned artist and vocal coach, Marcin Brzezinski. The concept behind the first EP was youthful, light and happy - a state of mind from "keep it simple" matched with a great big sound. The lyrics came from day-to-day life and that contented perspective. 

Trained in jazz composition, arrangement, guitar and voice, from CEGEP Saint-Laurent in Montreal, she had proven to be an incredibly diverse player - engaging, playful, and transformative on stage.  Lured by Vancouver’s siren song, she made the trip out West, performing for an entire year as a professional busker on Granville Island, and winning over the East Van scene with the release of her second self-titled EP from producers Jesse Waldman and Marc L’Espérance. This second self-titled EP maintained the same lighthearted feel as the first, but something had matured. The sound was more provocative and more intimate, achieved by paring down the instrumentation and arrangements, going for an acoustic vibe focusing on simply two instruments. As a musician, Caroline has never minded a little provocation, which she views as an exercise in freedom of expression. Down-to-earth, like the songs, and relaxed in her approach, there is a contrast of spark and energy when she’s playing. There are no rules, her writing and technique come from a place of spontaneity, fearlessness, positivity and self-love. 

Other projects have included guitarist for Hong Kong’s beloved, Taichi Band, and bassist for Nanci Blu, recorded at the world-famous Armoury Studio. Her latest includes lead guitar for psychedelic-funk four-piece, Ripple Illusion, who have a full-length album in the works at The Farm Studios with Karl Dicaire. 

Since then, she’s played every Vancouver club in town - Railway Club, Fox Cabaret, Biltmore, Roxy, WISEhall and the Rickshaw to name a few. She toured all over Western Canada, performing live on CBC Radio Whitehorse, CiTR 101.9 FM, Woofstock Festival, Tiny Lights Festival and ArtsWells Festival. 

Caroline is an entertainer who stays true to herself. She is unapologetically happy about life, not afraid to try strange ideas, though she tends to stay with the classic way of doing things, where she feels the outcome is more honest, organic, and loyal to what she stands for. Also bilingual, her cultural origins come forth in her performances which makes them unique. Caroline expresses a fire within her on stage, where she doesn’t just play, but lives the performances. This kind of passionate delivery speaks to her audiences in an engaging and captivating way. 

Currently writing new material for her first full-length album, be sure to check out her website for more updates on the release.